Equipment Marking Transmitters

Sonotronics’ Equipment Marking Transmitters consist of high powered, long life transmitters placed in rugged, highly visible packaging. The EMT series transmitters come standard with flat ends and 3/16″ mounting holes on each end. Other custom packaging options are possible.


Equipment Marking Transmitters (Weights in Air)
TAG MODEL Length OD WT in air Range Autonomy
EMT-01-1 99mm 19mm 40g To 1km 48 months
EMT-01-2 99mm 19mm 40g To 3km 18 months
EMT-01-3 201mm 32mm 223g To 4km 16 months typical

1) The EMT-01-3 has user replaceable batteries.

*EMT-01-1 and EMT-01-2: Recommended maximum depth rating: 2500m. Transmitters have been tested successfully to 5000m depth.  The EMT-01-3 replaceable battery unit is rated for a maximum depth of 1000m.

EMT Data Sheet
EMT Manual
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