Sonotronics proudly introduces this new addition to available fisheries research technologies. This small, inexpensive, long life unit allows for tracking of fish passage within its detection area. Strings, arrays, or individual receivers can be utilized depending on the resolution of detection desired in the study. One of the main principles behind the miniSURT is its ability to save valuable field time by simplifying deployments thus reducing project costs. The miniSURT brings new features and options to the marketplace aiding in the continued development of fisheries research technologies.

Applications Include:

1. Site fidelity studies
2. Spawning area detection
3. Animal attachment for social experiments
4. Simple positioning in array configurations
5. Gates for Active tracking boundaries
6. Towable: for area surveys

The miniSURT allows simple mooring by using tie-wraps to connect to small rope. Transmitters within the units detection area will be logged to the on board memory along with date and time. The miniSURT may be configured in the field to allow frequency scanning for ACT coded transmitters, or use with rcode transmitters.

The miniSURT is designed to allow mounting to an animal as a small (16mm diameter) expendable unit, as a remotely powered, cabled RS232 system, or as a standalone submersible receiver powered by a single AA lithium battery.

The miniSURT is compatible with Sonotronics integrated software for communications with logging receivers – SURtool, SURsoft, and SURsoftDPC. SURtool or SURsoft may be used to set time and date, download data, configure detection frequency and many other options. The data processing center can be used to process and examine the data obtained from miniSURT’s, saving valuable time in sorting data. Features include examining data by transmitter, processing telemetry data, and viewing a graphic display of activity at a passive receiver.



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