Miniature Transmitters

The Itty-Bitty Transmitter family represents a combination of very small size and long life acoustic transmitters. Beginning at .7g in weight in water, these small transmitters allow researchers unique choices for tagging slender fishes, while the long life, continuous transmissions allow active tracking for an entire year.

IBT Tags (miniature)

MODEL3 Length OD WT in H20 Range1 Autonomy2
IBT-96-1 25mm 8mm 1.5g 500m+ 21 days
IBT-96-2 28mm 9.5mm 2.5g 500m+ 60 days
IBT-96-5 36mm 13mm 3.2g 500m+ 21 days
IBT-96-9-I 47mm 10.5mm 3.8g 750m+ 9+ months
IBT-96-9-E 50mm 10.5mm 5g 750m+ 9+ months

The Pico Tag family represents the smallest acoustic transmitters in the Sonotronics product line. Beginning at .6g in weight in water, these tiny transmitters will allow researchers to gain valuable information on small species never possible before. The PicoTags come standard in bullet shaped packaged shown in the photo. This packaging is more commonly used for internal implant or in cases where gluing the transmitter is appropriate.

PicoTags (sub-miniature)

MODEL Length OD WT in H20 Range1 Autonomy2
PT-1 16mm 7.1mm .7g 500m+ 7 days
PT-2 19mm 7.1mm 1g 500m+ 12 days
PT-3 19mm 7.8mm 1g 500m+ 21 days
PT-4 25mm 9.0mm 2.3g 750m+ 90 days
  1. Range is typical under good conditions, using a Sonotronics active receiver and directional hydrophone.
  2. Autonomy based on a ping rate of once per second.  Extened lifetimes are available by cycling the transmitters, please contact Sonotronics for more details
  3. -E is the extension denoting external mount, -I denotes internal implant. Please specify internal or external when ordering transmitters.

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