MO: Module Only Generators


The 2 wire version of the CHP-MO-HP will begin transmission of a coded sequence as soon as power is applied, and alternatively a 3 wire version is available that allows separate transmit control.

AVAR: Autonomous Vehicle Acoustic Receiver

The AVAR may be operated as an independent unit for short term deployments using its on-board battery, or may be connected for long term power and real-time communications with an external controller.


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  • All Sonotronics Fisheries transmitters are available with the new Open Protocol (OP) as approved by the European Tracking Network (ETN)
  • Sonotronics receivers are now able to receive and detect OP coded transmitters from Sonotronics and other manufactures
  • Existing Sonotronics Receivers may be retrofit to utilize this new telemetry standard
  • Look for a new long-life single frequency receiver, deep water rated, with removable media to quickly transfer collected data!

More information about the advantages of the new OP protocol may be found on the European Tracking Network website:


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  • Bluetooth is now an available option on our SUR product
  • We are pleased to announce our new CUB
  • SUR now equipped with the capability to directly decode ‘Rcode’ transmitters
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GSA Purchasing at Sonotronics

The Don L. Brumbaugh Memorial Equipment Scholarship

The Sonotronics’ Equipment Scholarship, established in 2005, commemorates Donald L. Brumbaugh’s pioneering work in the development of fisheries and wildlife biotelemetry technologies. The scholarship is designed to aid student(s) in fisheries research projects. Read more…

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