MO: Module Only Generators


Sonotronics is now offering versions of its acoustic transmitters as modules that use external power sources.  The CHP-MO-HP may be mounted on an instrument package or underwater vehicle, taking advantage of existing onboard power sources.  The 2 wire version of the CHP-MO-HP will begin transmission of a coded sequence as soon as power is applied, and alternatively a 3 wire version is available that allows separate transmit control.  Key specs:

  • 16mm (dia) x 40mm (length)
  • External Supply: 2.8V-5.5VDC 75ma max, 2ma ave
  • Frequencies: 32-40kHz, 69-83 kHz, crystal controlled
  • Source level: up to 150db re 1uPascal @ 1m


  • 32mm (dia) x 85mm (length)
  • External Supply: 4.5V-15VDC 500ma transmit
  • Frequecies: 32-40kHz crystal controlled
  • Source level: up to 165db re 1uPascal @ 1m
  • 4 wire (1m water blocked, jacketed cable)
  •  V+ = Red   GND = BLACK
  • Control+ (C+) = Orange  GND = Brown
  • Operation: with power applied to Red/Black,
  • C+ open = off, C+ to GND = transmit