This is how Sonotronics and Our Customers Are Making a Difference in the World we Share…

“Marlin, Thank you for your extraordinary effort in helping us overcome deployment and technological challenges we face in Grand Canyon. Our sonic telemetry project to determine the impact of the March 2008 High Flow Event on rainbow trout movement in Lees Ferry was a success because of your and your staff’s determination. We were able to deploy 90 transmitters in rainbow trout, the smallest of which was 157mm. We detected these tags before and after the flow with manual tracking and by using the submersible ultrasonic receivers. Interestingly, tagged trout did not displace downstream during the high flow. Thank you for your good humor and determination through this challenging project!” — Kara D Hilwig

Our visit to Dexter National Fish Hatchery and Technology Center

A Look Back… Sonotronics product development history

Thank you to all of our customers for your help making a difference in the world we share.

“Just wanted to drop an email to say thanks for all your help with our order! We’re really happy with the tags we received and have just begun our deployments. Thanks again! — Clemency”

“… Furthermore I would like to inform you of an AWESOME recent finding. One of the 260cm female lemon sharks that was equipped with a Sonotronics 4 year transmitter was detected on our SUR array in Bimini for multiple days at the end of May this year. This shark was tagged in Bimini on May 19th 2007 and has not been detected since then. This shark was therefore at liberty for 2 years and the transmitter was still working on her return to Bimini – MASSIVE THANK YOU to you and all your team.” — Tristan Guttridge, PhD Student, University of Leeds, UK

From another happy Sonotronics Customer – “Thank you for taking my call. I always appreciate how well I am treated by the team at  Sonotronics and I look forward to doing more good work with  you in the amazing years to come!”

“Just received the USR-96 receiver … Looks to be working perfectly… just one more reason why your customer service is top-notch.”

“We are honored. #customer service ALWAYS a pleasure”. – Dr. Yannis Papastamatiou, @Dr_Yannis


The following information has been submitted by researchers who have used Sonotronics’ products in their studies. We wish to thank the researchers who have contributed, adding to the knowledge base available to Sonotronics’ customers.

Columbia River Redband Trout Study Redband trout tracking in Twin Lakes, Washington conducted by Mike Biggs.

Lake Pend Oreille Predation Study Focuses on pelagic predator population estimate in relation to kokanee densities. Rainbow and Lake Trout. Idaho Dept of Fish and Game, Tom Bassista, Melo Maiolie, Mark Duclos, Bill Ament, Bill Harryman.


Acoustic telemetry to assess post-stocking dispersal and mortality of razorback sucker Xyrauchen texanus


Native Fish Laboratory, School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University

Poster and Abstract presented by David March Morlà at the 2ndINTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON TAGGING AND TRACKING MARINE FISH WITH ELECTRONIC DEVICES held in San Sebastian in 2007

Letter and picture submitted by Dr. Sam Gruber

“Hi Sonotronics”  We now have 11- SUR’s and  five transmitters ….Underwater receivers and other goodies! Thank you so much for taking care of all of this… We will send the equipment over to Bimini today with a National Geographic Society Team!  We are very excited about the SUR’s and look forward to doing a LOT of interesting things.

Thank you!!!”      “doc”  Sam Gruber

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First Trout below Hoover Dam and the last known Colorado pikeminnow (then known as squawfish) from Lake Mohave, submitted by Tom Burke, LCR-MSCP