CT Coded Transmitters

Coded Transmitters

Coded transmitters generate a unique aural sequence, as well as unique combinations of frequency and ping interval allowing detection by both passive and active receivers. The CT series of transmitters offer an excellent value with a choice of long life, good range, and small size.




Coded Transmitters
MODEL3 LengthODWT in H20Range1Autonomy2
CT-82-1-I38mm15.6mm6gTo 1km60 days
CT-82-1-E38mm15.6mm6gTo 1km60 days
CT-82-2-I53mm15.6mm9.5gTo 1km14 months
CT-82-2-E54mm15.6mm9.5gTo 1km14 months
CT-05-36-I63mm15.6mm10gTo 1km36 months
CT-05-36-E64mm15.6mm10gTo 1km36 months
CT-05-48-I79mm15.6mm12gTo 1km48 months
CT-05-48-E80mm15.6mm12gTo 1km48 months


  1. Range is typical under good conditions, using a Sonotronics active receiver and directional hydrophone.
  2. Autonomy based on a ping rate of once per second.  Extened lifetimes are available by cycling the transmitters, please contact Sonotronics for more details
  3. -E is the extension denoting external mount, -I denotes internal implant. Please specify internal or external when ordering transmitters.

CT Data Sheet
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