DT and IBDT Transmitters – Depth Telemetry

Sonotronics’ depth telemetry transmitters transmit their depth by varying the pulse interval time between pings. For example, a tag at 0psi at the surface may have an interval time of 650ms, and a full scale pressure of 100psi with a corresponding interval time of 2050ms. Depth transmitters come in 50, 100, 200, 300, and 500psi models. The accuracy of these transmitters is +/- 2% of full scale.

Depth Telemetry Transmitters

IBDT: Range up to 1km+
DT-97: Range up to 3km+

Model Length Diameter Weight (H20) Lifetime
IBDT-97-1 40mm 9.5mm 2.2g 10 days
IBDT-97-2 49mm 9.5mm 3.0g 30 days
DT-97-L 86mm 18mm 19g 1 year

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