PT Series Subminiature Transmitters

Sonotronics proudly introduces the picoTag family. They represents the smallest acoustic transmitters in the Sonotronics product line, beginning at .6g in weight in water. These tiny transmitters will allow researchers to gain valuable information on small species never possible before. The PicoTags come standard in bullet shaped packaged shown in the photo. This packaging is more commonly used for internal implant or in cases where gluing the transmitter is appropriate. Slightly elongated packages are available that can contain small drill holes for external mount. Packaging changes result in changes in the weight and dimension specifications. Note that quoted ranges are when manual tracking.

Range 300m – 750m+
PT-116mm7.1mm.6g1.25g300m+7 days
PT-219mm7.1mm1g1.7g500m+12 days
PT-319mm7.8mm1g2g750m+21 days
PT-425mm9.0mm2.3g4.1g750m+90 days


  1. The typical rule of thumb is to use transmitters that have a weight in water that is 1.5 – 2% of the fish weight in air. Weight in O2 (air) is put only as additional reference.
  2. -E is the extension denoting external mount, -I denotes internal implant. You must specify internal or external when ordering transmitters.

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