CHP Transmitters

Coded High Power

Coded High Power transmitters generate a unique aural sequence, as well as unique combinations of frequency and ping interval allowing detection by both passive and active receivers. The CHP series of transmitters provide maximum detection ranges for use with pelagic studies or in areas of high noise.

Coded High Powered Transmitters
MODEL3 Length OD WT in H20 Range1 Autonomy2
CHP-87-S54mm15.6mm9gTo 3km7 months
CHP-87-L80mm15.6mm12gTo 3km18 months
CHP-87-XL99mm33.5mm34gTo 3km4 years


  1. Range is typical under good conditions, using a Sonotronics active receiver and directional hydrophone.
  2. Autonomy based on a ping rate of once per second.  Extened lifetimes are available by cycling the transmitters, please contact Sonotronics for more details
  3. CHP transmitters are by default produced with flat ends and small holes for an external mount, but may be ordered with rounded ends for internal implant.

CHP Datasheet
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