Tracking Products

Sonotronics offers an array of tracking products built on the concept of an Integrated Tracking Approach – a method that permits interoperability between product types, as well as forward and backward compatibility.  As an example, recently a transmitter used to tag a fish 14 years earlier was detected by a modern MANTRAK receiver, and recovered on a lake bottom by use of an Underwater Diver Receiver (UDR) used primarily for the recovery of tagged equipment.  This flexibility and consistency protects your investment in equipment, and allows for collaboration between groups with different interests:  many universities use Sonotronics passive tracking products for long term fisheries studies, while at the same institution, an engineering group uses equipment tracking transmitters to tag submerged electronics packages for later retrieval, and both groups use the same active tracking receivers to obtain real-time information on either fish or equipment location and associated telemetry.

Although this equipment is highly compatible, there are some detailed differences that help in particular applications: for example Equipment Marking Transmitters (EMTs) the same internal electronics as passive tracking tags used in fisheries research, the EMTs are housed in rugged, brightly colored PVC, with large mounting holes allowing use of standard zip ties for easy attachment to equipment.  Based on the application area, Sonotronics tacking products are divided into 3 areas:  Active Tracking, Passive Tracking, and Equipment Tracking.