Tilt-Angle Sensing Transmitters


Tilt Angle Sensing

EMT-AR pingers produce two separate sets of intervals (time between pings). One interval set is for unique identification of the pinger (fixed), and the other represents the angle of orientation relative to gravity (variable). The total time between successive angle measurements is approximately 30 seconds. The USR-14 receiver and DH-4 hydrophone from a MANTRAK kit, or UDR Underwater Diver receiver, is used to receive data telemetered from the tilt monitoring EMT-ARs. The receiver displays the ACT ID of the pinger, and tilt angle (°) on its integral LCD. Tilt angle data has a 5º resolution, and a +/- 5º accuracy.


Lifetime Range Depth rating Length Diameter Weight


48 months 1km+ 2.5km+ 99mm 19mm



18 months 3km+ 2.5km+ 99mm 19mm



To 6 mo* To 4km+* 1km 201mm 32mm


Other Model Numbers:
TILT-Tracker Tilt Monitoring kit. Includes MANTRAK kit, and two angle reporting tilt pingers. The MANTRAK kit includes USR-14 ultrasonic receiver, DH-4 directional hydrophone, Pelican case, external speaker, headphones, and other accessories. Please see the MANTRAK data sheet for more details.


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