Telemetry Transmitters

Various Telemetry Tags

Sonotronics produces a variety of transmitters which provide near real-time environmental data for collection by either active tracking receivers or by passive logging receivers or both.  Although other models are available that make use of accelerometers and more exotic sensors, standard transmitters report temperature or depth data.  Coded Temperature Tags, Pico Temperature Tags, and Itty-Bitty Temperature Tags provide better than 1 degree C accuracy from -4C to +45C, with a resolution of 0.5C (higher resolution for metabolic studies is available upon request).  Depth Tags and Itty-Bitty Depth Tags indirectly provide depth information by measuring pressure, or weight of the water column directly overhead.  Nominal full scale pressure of 100PSI is provided, however values from 50PSI to 435PSI are available (35m to 300m+) with a resolution of 1% of the chosen full scale value.

MODEL 3 LengthODWT in H20Range1Autonomy2
Temperature Sensing Tags
CTT-83-2-I53mm15.6mm9gTo 1km14 months
CTT-83-2-E54mm15.6mm9gTo 1km14 months
CTT-83-3-I63mm15.6mm10gTo 1km36 months
CTT-83-3-E64mm15.6mm10gTo 1km36 months
Depth Telemetry Transmitters
DT-97-L80mm15.6mm11gTo 3km12 months
Miniature Temperature Sensing Tags
PTT-121mm7.1mm1.0500m+7 days
PTT-224mm7.1mm1.2750m+12 days
PTT-324mm7.8mm1.2750m+21 days
IBTT-08-127mm8mm1.6500m+21 days
IBTT-08-9-I/E52/55mm11mm4.2/5.2750m+9 months
Miniature Depth Telemetry Transmitters
IBDT-97-130/35mm9.5mm1.6g500m+20 days
IBDT-97-237/42mm9.5mm2.5g500m+45 days
  1. Range is typical under good conditions, using a Sonotronics active receiver and directional hydrophone.
  2. Autonomy based on a ping rate of once per second, and telemetry reading approximately 3 times per minute.  Extened lifetimes are available by cycling the transmitters, please contact Sonotronics for more details.
  3. -E is the extension denoting external mount, -I denotes internal implant. Please specify internal or external when ordering transmitters.

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