IBT Series Miniature Transmitters

Range up to 500m+

IBT-96-1, IBT-96-2, IBT-96-9


Model Length Diameter Weight (H20) Lifetime
IBT-96-1 25mm 8mm 1.5g 21 days
IBT-96-2 28mm 9.5mm 2.5g 60 days
IBT-96-9-E 50mm 10.5mm 5g 9 months
IBT-96-9-I 47mm 10.5mm 3.8g 9 months
  1. The typical rule of thumb is to use transmitters that have a weight in water that is 1.5 – 2% of the fish weight in air. Weight in O2 (air) is put only as additional reference.
  2. -E is the extension denoting external mount, -I denotes internal implant. You must specify internal or external when ordering transmitters.

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