*NEW* PT-Kit (Passive Tracking)

The PT-Kit (Passive Tracking) contains all the tools necessary to start a passive tracking project: a receiver and 10 long life transmitters housed in a convenient carrying case.


The PT-kit includes:

  • A miniSURT-Li receiver
  • 10 CT-82-2 long life transmitters
  • QR-code card for manual and PC based software
  • Magnets for activating receiver and transmitters
  • A hard case with protective foam

Description of the tools:


miniSURT Receiver

  • The Li version of the miniSURT allows the use of common 18650 Li-ion batteries
  • Scan multiple frequencies or focus on a single frequency as your project requires
  • Scan multiple gain settings for detection range assessment
  • Temperature logging and optional transponding
  • Multiple detection protocols supported
  • Compatible with SURsoftDPC for collaborating with multiple receiver arrays, or direct download to CSV
  • Bluetooth Low Energy communication for configuration and data downloads

CT-82-2 Transmitters

  • Long life transmitter (>3yr with 20-40 sec burst)
  • Open Protocol and multi-frequency ACT codes available
  • Embedded LED confirms function without receiver
  • Magnet sensor to switch transmitter on and off (magnets included)
  • Long range detections
  • Compatible with all Sonotronics receivers




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