Open Protocol



Sonotronics is pleased to announce our involvement in the advancement of open protocol systems for acoustic telemetry.  Together with Lotek and Thelmabiotel, in partnership with the European Tracking Network, we have made great strides in developing protocols that will allow the acoustic research community easier access to their data and a greater opportunity for collaboration. This new approach has paved the way for the development of OPi and OPs tags, which support 1 million unique IDs and 64 thousand unique IDs, respectively.

With an open protocol system of compatible devices, you can access your data on a global network of acoustic receivers without being limited to a single manufacturer. An interoperable network of systems allows you to choose what technology is most appropriate for your study from any of the participating companies so you can make the most of your work.

As we continue to develop and deploy open-source systems, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about the benefits of OPi and OPs for your research. As always, Lotek is striving to continue our promise of advancing wildlife science.

For further information regarding this initiative see the European Telemetry Network’s website: Compatibility in tag protocols | European Tracking Network


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