Sonotronics is a unique solutions provider: manufacturing ultrasonic transmitters, receivers, and hydrophones for the tracking and relocation of animals and equipment underwater.  Sonotronics products are used around the world in every ocean, and in rivers, lakes, and reservoirs.  Since 1971, we strive to provide excellent service to our customers while working together to make a  difference in the world we share.

New Product Announcements:
  • Now offering the UDR-Kit, with optional compass
  • View the product announcement for the miniSUR !!

How Sonotronics is making a difference in the world we share …
Active Tracking

The use of manned, mobile receivers for precise real-time tracking over large geographic areas.

The MANTRAK contains receiver, hydrophone, and accessories for active tracking.

The UDR (Underwater Diver Receiver) allows a diver to approach an animal marked with an
ultrasonic transmitter.

Passive Tracking

The use of stationary automated receivers for long term detections and logging of deployed transmitters.

SUR (Submersible Ultrasonic Receiver) Long life data logging receiver compatible with a variety of Sonotronics’ transmitters.

Equipment Marker Tracking

Sonotronics is a leader in pinger development for a variety of oceangraphic needs. Our pingers have been used to relocate current meters, ROV / AUV / UUV vehicles, deep ocean sites, divers, and many other subsea applications.