ART-01 Acoustic and Radio Transmitter

The ART-01 transmitter is a combination acoustic and radio transmitter manufactured through a joint effort of Sonotronics and Telonics. It intermittently emits an acoustic pulse at a standard Sonotronics crystal controlled frequency, followed by an RF pulse within the 148-154mHz range.

When ordering the ART-01 please submit a list of potential RF frequencies larger than the actual number of tags being ordered. This will assist in rapid fulfillment of your order

NOTE: The Telonics Radio Module used in the ART-01 is no longer available, Please contact Sonotronics for further information.


Frequency: 69 – 83 kHz Acoustic, 140-220mHz RF available, 148-154mHz typical
Weight: ART-01-80, -70: 12g ; ART-09: 10g (in H 2 0)
Dimensions: ART-01-80: 80x16mm; ART-01-70: 70x16mm; ART-09: 55x11mm
Antenna: No external antenna
Life: ART-01-80: 18mo; ART-01-70: 12mo; ART-09: 9mo (approximate based on 1pps)
Range: 1 km Acoustic, 250m RF (typical)

Receivers for use with the ART-01

You will need separate receivers for the acoustic and radio portions of the ART-01 transmissions. Standard Sonotronics receivers are ideal for the acoustics, and an appropriate Telonics RF 2 meter radio receiver is recommended for the radio. Please visit for more in depth information on Telonics products.

Antennas for the ART-01

As the appropriate antenna is application specific, please contact Sonotronics or Telonics for more information regarding antenna choices.


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